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Calculation and Selection of Water Flow Controller

Water flow rate to maintain
Water pressure before the regulator
Excess pressure
Pressure that can be lost at the regulator
Maximum water temperature at the installation location

If the water flow rate is unknown (for heating systems)

Calculation of water flow controller

The calculation of the water flow controller does not require special techniques and is reduced only to determining the water flow that needs to be maintained. In the above algorithm for calculating, the value of the water flow or heating power of the heating system and the calculated temperature difference should be entered. After clicking the [Calculate] button, a list of regulators that meet the specified conditions will be displayed.

The algorithm allows checking the regulator for the possibility of cavitation. Checking for cavitation is recommended.

The pressure drop on the water flow controller is determined by its throughput capacity, but it cannot be less than the minimum pressure difference on the valve indicated in its technical characteristics.

Selection of water flow controller

The water flow controller is selected in such a way that the calculated flow rate falls within the adjustable range, while taking into account the possibility of further adjustment in a larger or smaller direction depending on the changes in the needs of the regulated object.

When selecting, it is also necessary to pay attention to the minimum pressure drop on the flow regulator, which may exceed the available pressure at the place of its installation. The temperature and strength characteristics of water flow controllers should correspond to the parameters of the environment at their installation location.

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