Symbolic Designations on Thermal and Mechanical Schematics
of boiler rooms, heat points, heating and water supply systems

Supply pipeline from heat source

Return pipeline to heat source

Supply pipeline of the heating system

Return pipeline of the heating system

Cold water supply pipeline

Hot water supply pipeline

Circulation pipeline of the hot water system

Connecting wires and impulse lines

Pressure gauge

Temperature sensor


Ball valve

Butterfly valve

Gate valve

Check valve

Strainer filter

Water meter / Flow sensor

Anti-vibration insert

Pressure reducing / Bypass valve

Balancing valve

Two-way regulating valve with electric actuator

Three-way regulating valve with electric actuator

Direct acting pressure regulator


Safety valve

Heat accumulator / Storage water heater

Expansion tank / Hydraulic accumulator

Heat exchanger

Air collector with automatic air vent

The above-mentioned symbolic designations are used in the schematic diagrams displayed on our website. These designations are commonly used in the design of heat points and boiler rooms, although they may slightly differ from regulatory standards.

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