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ter-en.com - this is a tool for selecting equipment for heating and water supply systems created for engineers and specialists involved in calculation and searching for equipment suppliers. The mission of the website is to provide the most complete information about thermal equipment - everything you need for calculation, comparison, selection, and purchase.

The author tried to create a universal tool that would help designers calculate and select equipment, installation companies choose suppliers, and dealers sell thermal equipment.

The technical specifications of the equipment were transferred by the website author from catalogs of manufacturers and official representatives. If you notice any inaccuracy, please let us know.

If the equipment you supply is not presented on the website, you can add it yourself. Adding equipment to the catalog is open to visitors and free of charge.

Information about equipment suppliers and its prices is voluntarily added by the suppliers themselves. If you are involved in equipment supply, register in the suppliers' catalog, and your contacts will be displayed on the equipment pages - registration is free.

The documentation provided is partially added by the author and partially by the visitors of the website. Adding documentation on equipment, drawings, passports, and certificates is open, so if you have something to share with your colleagues, please do so.

The development of the website is solely funded by donations from engineers and advertisements from contractors.

how you can help the project:

- Add equipment to the catalog that you use and that is not yet in our catalog. This equipment will appear in the search results and help other users of the website.

- Add documentation, instructions, and equipment drawings that can be useful to other visitors of the website.

- Help improve the accuracy of the English translation. The author's native language is Ukrainian, so the technical translation to English could have been better if English-speaking engineers had been involved in the review.

- Please inform the author about any additional online calculators or equipment selection tools you would like to see on this website. The author's email can be found below.

author and developer:

Andriy Slastin


paypal: a@ter-en.com

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