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Calculation and Selection of Mesh Filter

Filter type
Nominal diameter DN
Nominal pressure PN
Maximum water temperature
Minimum water temperature

Calculation and Selection of Y-Strainer

The size of the Y-Strainer is selected according to the diameter of the pipeline on which it is installed. Typically, Y-Strainer do not create significant head loss, but the selected size is better checked by hydraulic calculation.

The main characteristics that affect the selection of Y-Strainer are the diameter of the filter mesh opening, the nominal pressure, and the permissible temperature range of the transported substance.

For heating, ventilation and water supply systems, it is recommended to choose a filter with a mesh opening diameter from 0.5 to 2.0 mm. The maximum working pressure at the location where the Y-Strainer is installed should be less than its nominal pressure PN, and the temperature limits of the transported substance should fall within the allowable temperature range for this filter.

It should be remembered that the nominal pressure for filters, as well as for other types of fittings, is determined at a water temperature of 20°C, and at higher temperatures, the nominal pressure value is reduced. Therefore, the operation of Y-Strainer is not allowed in a mode in which the temperature exceeds the maximum permissible temperature for this filter.

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