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Calculation of the Z-shaped pipe compensator

Calculation of the length of the short arm of the Z-shaped compensator

DN - The diameter of the pipeline
L - The length of the larger arm of the compensator
P - The length of the smaller arm of the compensator
H - Overall length
R - The radius of the pipe elbow or the type of the elbow
The maximum temperature of the water
The minimum temperature of the external air at the location of the pipeline
Calculation scheme of the Z-shaped pipe compensator

Calculation of thermal expansion of pipelines

Calculation of the Z-shaped pipe compensator

Z-shaped compensators are called sections of the pipeline with two branches in the same plane. They are used for self-compensation of thermal elongations in pipelines for any laying methods, regardless of diameter.

Calculation of the Z-shaped pipe compensator is performed to determine the dimensions of the Overall length (H) and the arm (L, P), at which the bending stress from the thermal deformation of the pipeline will not exceed the permissible value of 80 MPa.

This online program will calculate the bending stress at critical sections of the pipeline, with a Z-shaped compensator of specified dimensions.

The following restrictions are accepted in the calculation

  • The pipeline is filled with water or steam
  • The pipeline is made of steel pipe
  • The maximum temperature of the water does not exceed 200 °С
  • The maximum pressure in the pipeline does not exceed 1.6 MPa (16 bar)
  • The compensator is installed on a horizontal pipeline
  • Fixed supports are considered absolutely rigid
  • The pipeline does not feel wind pressure and other loads
  • The resistance of the frictional forces of the movable supports during thermal elongation is not taken into account
  • Elbows are smooth with an angle 90°

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