Test of heat meter data

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Heat power
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Temperature on the hot side
Temperature on the cold side
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Each heat meter displays data on thermal power, water flow rate, and coolant temperature. There is a strict relationship between these data, which is described by a simple formula, where knowing any three of the four components, the fourth component can be determined.

This formula is the basis of the program for testing the heat meter readings. To verify, you need to fill in any three of the four fields in the form above. For example, input data on the flow rate of water and its temperatures as determined by the heat meter readings. The calculated amount of instantaneous thermal power corresponding to the specified parameters will be determined. If the calculated thermal power matches the thermal power shown by the heat meter, it means that the meter is accurately measuring heat consumption. However, if the values do not match, it's time to unseal the meter and send it for verification.

Formula for checking the heat meter:

Q = G · (t1 – t2)

Q – heat power, kcal/h

G – water flow, kg/h

t1 – temperature on the hot side, °C

t2 – temperature on the cold side, °C

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