Collector diameter сalculation

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Collector diameter сalculation

Calculation of collector diameter is based on the rule that the cross-sectional area of the distribution manifold must be at least equal to the sum of the cross-sectional areas of the outlet pipelines, and for the collection manifold, it should be at least the area of the pipelines supplying it.

It should be noted that for collectors with a diameter exceeding 500 mm, the use of flat overlay weld caps is not allowed. In such cases, elliptical or flat caps with welded stiffening ribs are used.

The collector should be installed with a slope of 0.002 towards the drainage fitting. It is also necessary to provide for the installation of a fixed support near the connection of the inlet pipeline to the distribution manifold and the outlet pipeline from the collection manifold. In addition, it must be remembered that bottom connection of pipes to the manifold is not recommended.

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