Pipe diameter calculation

Water flow rate

Calculation of Pipe Diameter is performed based on two criteria - allowable flow rate and allowable pressure drop per meter of pipe.

The criterion for selecting the pipe diameter based on allowable pressure losses is economical and involves determining the balance between capital and operating costs. An increase in pipe diameter increases its cost, while pumping water through a smaller diameter pipe requires more energy to power the pump.

For technical and economic substantiation of the choice of pipe diameter, a graph is constructed that shows the relationship between capital and operating costs and the diameter of the pipeline. The optimal diameter of the pipe is determined at the intersection point of the capital cost and operating cost curves.

The flow rate in pipes is limited by the hygienic norms of the allowable level of equivalent noise dB. The maximum allowable velocities of water in heating system pipelines depend on pipe diameter and range from 0.8 to 1.5 m/s, while in water supply system pipelines they are limited to 3 m/s.

The above program will calculate the required pipe diameter, the specific pressure loss of which will not exceed 100 Pa/m.

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