Differential pressure controllers

Differential pressure controllers

Differential pressure regulator is a regulating pipeline fitting designed to automatically maintain a specified difference in water pressures at impulse collection points.

Maintaining a constant pressure differential is achieved by changing the flow area of the regulator valve. Depending on the response to pressure changes, regulators are divided into those that close and those that open when the differential increases.

The operating principle of a direct-acting regulator is based on using water energy to control the valve without external power sources. The valve opening degree is proportional to the degree of deviation of the pressure differential from the set value.

Application area

Pressure regulators have found the widest application in heating systems with a dynamic hydraulic regime. They are used to stabilize the pressure at the inlet of heat networks, create optimal conditions for control valves, balance heating systems, and protect equipment from zero flow by bypassing the coolant. For more information, see the application diagrams section.


  • Easy adjustment
  • High pressure maintenance accuracy
  • Reliable and repairable design
  • No technical maintenance required
  • No external power sources required


  • High price
  • Complex design
  • High requirements for the quality of the coolant
  • The range of adjustments is limited by the compression force of the spring

Similar names

  • Excess pressure regulator
  • Automatic balancing valve

What can be used as a replacement

  • A bypass valve that maintains a pressure difference between the input and output ports can replace a pressure regulator that opens as the pressure differential increases.

  • An indirect-acting pressure regulator can replace both closing and opening regulators with increasing pressure differential. However, due to their high cost, they are only installed in exceptional cases. An indirect-acting regulator consists of two pressure sensors, a control valve, an electric drive, and a control controller.

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