Pressure reduction controllers

Pressure reduction controllers

Pressure reduction controller is a direct-acting automatic regulator designed to reduce and maintain a set water pressure at the valve outlet.

Water pressure regulation is achieved by changing the flow area of the valve. If the water pressure after the regulator exceeds the set value, the valve closes the flow, and if it decreases relative to the setting, the valve opens.

The principle of direct-acting pressure regulator is based on the use of water energy to control the valve. On one side, water pressure directed towards closing the valve acts on the membrane rigidly connected to the valve, and on the other side, the force of the compressed spring directed towards opening the valve. The equilibrium of forces determines the position of the valve.


In water supply systems, pressure regulators are used to solve the following tasks:

  • pressure stabilization
  • reduction of water consumption
  • equipment protection against high pressure
  • elimination of hydraulic noise

In heating systems, pressure regulators are used to automatically supply boilers and independent systems, as well as to reduce water pressure in the supply pipeline of district heating networks, although for these purposes, a differential pressure regulator is more suitable.


  • Easy adjustment
  • High reliability
  • Repairable
  • No technical maintenance required
  • No external energy sources required
  • High precision of pressure maintenance


  • High cost
  • Complex construction
  • High requirements for the quality of the heat carrier
  • The range of regulation is limited by the force of the compressed spring

Similar names

  • Pressure reducing valve
  • Water pressure regulator
  • Water pressure reducing valve

Replacement options

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