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District heating substation

Fill out the form below and as a result of the calculation, a heating substation project will be generated in PDF format

Heating load

20 000 ... 2 000 000 W
Maximum temperatures at the entrance and exit of the heating system
30...150 °C
20...100 °C
Maximum temperatures at the entrance to the building from the heat source
30...150 °C
20...100 °C
Input pressure of the heat source.
0,2...16 bar
0,2...16 bar
Pressure loss in the heating system
1...400 kPa
Height from the mark of the location of the heat point to the top point of the heating system
0,1...100 m
Maximum allowable pressure at the inlet of the heating system
1,0...16 bar
Design outdoor temperature
for example for Kyiv -22°C
Equipment capacity reserve in the heat source circuit
Reserve on the equipment in the circuit of the heating system
Type of heating devices

Online project – will allow you to create district heating substation projects in a matter of minutes. All you need to do is enter the initial data, and as a result, you will receive a detailed part of the district heating substation project in PDF format.

Based on the parameters you provide, the online project will select the optimal scheme for connecting the heating system, calculate all the equipment for the district heating substation, and offer you a list of similar products from various brands to choose from.

The service selects equipment individually for the initial data you specify, taking into account the desired reserves, and does not display previously prepared equipment for an object of similar capacity. This eliminates the overestimation of standard sizes that is often seen in district heating substations with block design. The service allows you to perform both block installation on one frame and flat installation by placing all the equipment on the walls of the heating point.

In the PDF file, you will find detailed instructions for the start-up and adjustment of the district heating substation to the calculated parameters, as well as a mode map of the district heating substation.

District heating substation project

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