District heating substation

District heating substation

District heating substations are a complex of devices designed to connect a building's water heating system to a heat source (external heating network or autonomous boiler room).

The building's heating substation is manufactured according to an individually developed project or based on ready-made modular solutions - block heating substations for heating systems.

Functions of the heating substation

1 Adaptation of the temperature and hydraulic regime at the inlet from the heat source to the building's heating system needs.

2 Automated control of the heating system depending on the outside air temperature, day of the week, and time of day, in order to create comfortable conditions in the building and an economical mode of operation.

3 Maintenance of the circulation of the heat carrier (water) in the heating system, as well as the creation of a stable operating mode.

4 Protection of the heating system from exceeding the permissible temperature and pressure.

Reconstruction of heating substations equipped with outdated mixing lift nodes

The increase in heat supply tariffs has led to the widespread use of block automated heating substations designed to replace unregulated lift nodes in buildings.

Weather-dependent control of the heating system in the heating substation allows reducing the building's heat consumption by 10-15 percent, and software temperature reduction in the heated room during non-working hours for an administrative building further reduces heating costs by up to 30 percent.

Scope of application

District heating substations are used in residential and administrative buildings, as well as in facilities equipped with a water heating system.

Similar names

  • Individual heating substation (IHS)
  • Heating system control unit
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Heat meters
Control valves thhreaded
Circulation pumps
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