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Substations of centralized hot water supply

Fill out the given form and you will receive a project for the installation of a centralized hot water heating station in PDF format

Calculation data for a building's hot water supply system.

Thermal load of the hot water supply system, Q [W]
Cold water pressure, Pcw [bar]
Temperature of cold water before heating, Tc [°C]
Hot water temperature after heating, Th[°C]
The temperature of the water circulating back from the hot water supply system, Tr[°C]
The pressure drop in the circulation loop of the DHW system (if any), dP [kPa]

Input data from the heat source

The minimum temperature of the heating water at the inlet from the heat source, Т1[°C]
Temperature of chilled water returning to the heat source, Т2[°C]
Pressure of the heat carrier in the supply pipeline from the heat source, P1[bar]
The pressure of the heat transfer fluid in the return pipeline from the heat source, P2[bar]

The Online project – will allow you to complete domestic hot water (DHW) heating projects in just a few minutes. To use it, simply enter the initial data and the system will generate an installation project in PDF format.

Using the parameters you set, the online project will select the optimal connection scheme for the hot water supply system and calculate all the necessary equipment for installing the water heating system.

The online project selects the equipment based on the output data you provide, rather than presenting a pre-configured setup for a system of similar capacity. This eliminates the problem of oversizing typical of block water heaters and allows for both block installation on one frame and flat installation by placing all equipment on the walls of the heating area.

Online Project — Substations of centralized hot water supply

Online Project — Substations of centralized hot water supply

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