In-line pump

In-line pump

In-line pump is a centrifugal pump with air-cooled motor, the suction and discharge ports of which are located on the same line.

The pump impeller is mounted on the motor shaft, which allows to reduce the overall dimensions and minimize losses due to friction in bearings, typical for cantilever pump designs. The motor air cooling is provided by the impeller located on the end of the shaft opposite to the impeller, and covered with a protective grille.

Application area

In-line pumps have a universal design and are suitable for transferring clean liquids without solid inclusions, non-aggressive to the materials of the flow part, and having properties close to water.

In dry rotor pumps, they are used in heating systems when the use of wet rotor pumps is not feasible or when a pressure of more than 15 meters water column or a flow rate exceeding 100 cubic meters per hour is required. They are usually used in high-power boiler rooms, heat points, and in water heating networks at heat distribution stations.

In water supply systems, dry rotor pumps are used to increase water pressure in booster pumping stations and fire fighting stations.


  • Low cost
  • High efficiency
  • Compact design
  • Tolerant to water quality
  • Wide range of flow rates
  • High values of developed head
  • Possible to transfer water with a temperature exceeding 100°C
  • The location of the suction and discharge ports of the in-line pump on the same line allows to install the pump without changing the direction of the liquid flow and without installing additional bends.
  • The pump can be installed in any mounting position except the one where the motor will be located under the pump body.


  • Relatively high noise level
  • Relatively high vibration level
  • For most models, a support frame or foundation is required
  • Pumps with mechanical seal require maintenance


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