How Priorities are Determined in Displaying Supplier Contacts

the higher the priority - the more often our visitors will see your contact information

[1] You have registered If there is only one company representing a brand (e.g. Danfoss) in our catalog, then on all pages with Danfoss equipment - of which there are more than 100 - only the contact details of this company will be shown. If there are several such companies, their contact details will be displayed simultaneously, in a list.

[2] You have added prices If there are several companies representing one brand in the catalog, but only one has added prices for equipment, then only the contact details of that company will be displayed. If prices are added by several companies, their contact details will be displayed in a list, with the company that added more prices at the top.

[3] You have paid for advertising Only your contacts will be displayed on the pages with the equipment to which you have added prices. If at some point another company pays to place their contacts on this page, their contacts will also be shown.

The number of views for each page per month can be found on the website advertising page.

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